Overseas Projects

The first Geo Power System in the U.S.A. was installed in a community center of an apartment complex named “Avocado court” in Escondido, CA (Near San Diego). It was initiated by Community Housing Works (CHW), green focused real estate developer, adopting the system to provide greener and healthier environment. The construction was started in May 2012 and completed in January 2013. The tenants started to move into the apartment in February 2013. There was a grand opening ceremony held in May 2013 with the presence of CHW executives, local government officers, the contractors, the tenants as well as the inventor Toko Hashimoto and the president Masanari Hashimoto from Geo Power System co., ltd. Since then, Geo Power System has been receiving many complementary comments from the tenants for its high indoor air quality and great energy savings. CHW is very much satisfied with the installation and continuously considering Geo Power System for future development projects.

Geo Power System installation in Escondido,CA

Geo Power System Avocado Court Temperature Data Escondido,CA.USA
Geo Power System provides clean and constant temperature air all year around.

Avocado Court Geo Power System animation