Become a Partner

Regional Partner
Marketing/Sales/Installation of Geo Power System in predetermined region.

  • Go through periodic technical training/qualification sessions held by Geo Power System
  • Maintain trained technical staffs for proper installation
  • Work with Geo Power System for the design of the system
  • Marketing of Geo Power System through mechanical design farms etc.
  • Maintenance of installed buildings.

National Partner
Marketing/Sales/Installation of Geo Power System in the States.

  • Become licensee of Geo Power System
  • Develop Regional Partners and manage them
  • Nationwide marketing through media, design farms and trade shows

Geo Power System provides licensing, main material supply, design assistance, installation training, joint marketing etc. to support partners activities.

A Message from the Chairman and Founder.

Toko Hashimoto

"After a number of years being in construction business,I realized the need for alternative energy resources and became interested in newer concepts, such as the use of geothermal energy as the driver of natural air-conditioning. Utilizing my background as an engineer, I spent many years conducting R&D to create the Geo Power System.

As an unlimited resource, geothermal energy offers an ideal means of conserving fossil fuel-derived energy. What is more, it provides natural comfort and contributes to health. We are committed to creating eco-friendly homes and buildings, and invite you to join us working together to do the same in your area using Geo-Power System."